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It’s hard to find fresh, thoughtful freelance writers who aren’t liberal drones. I guess I’m a rare breed.

Forgive the quality. I’m a writer, not a photographer!

I’m a freelance writer based in the state of Georgia, USA.

I identify as a member of the new generation of conservatives developing in America, characterized by teens and 20-somethings reawakening to reason, which most people of the millennial generation lost in their assertions that what is false is true (such as that “gender is only a social construct.”)

We’ve been red pilled, and we see that conservative views are the only ones that stand up for themselves in today’s world.

Red Pilled is a popular phrase among cyberculture and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a “normal” life of sloth and ignorance.


I write conservative news on a daily basis and post my thoughts on current events here on the blog section of my website. Engaging political content is my specialty, though I also contribute from time to time to other blogs, particularly in the entertainment niche. I’ll also occasionally post a thought piece on a work of fiction or cool idea that strikes my interest to my blog.

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Why Democrats Don’t Stand a Chance Against Trump in 2020

As it stands, Trump is guaranteed four more years in office.

Here’s why.

Between the upcoming 2020 election and the 2016 election, a generational shift happened, and Trump is the only candidate for 2020 that is smart enough to see this. Allow me to explain.

Yesterday, Joe Biden posted this tweet and video announcing his run for Democrat presidential nominee:

What Biden failed to realize is that emotionally charged videos like this just don’t work anymore.

Young people, who spend much of their time on the internet and who have grown up surrounded by advertising in an age where mainstream media outright makes stories up, have gotten too used to the propaganda and see right through virtue signalling.

It is this young generation of voters who matter most for candidates to appeal to. Older generations are, for the most part, set in their ways. If they always vote Republican, they’re voting Republican this time. If they’ve been Democrats their whole life, they’ll vote for whoever is the Democrat candidate this time around.

In contrast, young Americans have much more dynamic, malleable views. They are more independent and need to be won over. For this reason, they will be the true deciders of the 2020 election outcome.

It is precisely this generation that Democrats are failing to appeal to, which is their biggest mistake. Democrats are still using the same outdated tactics that worked on older generations of voters, but they’re not convincing any of the voters that matter to vote Democrat.

Don’t just believe me, though. See for yourself with these comments posted to Biden’s Youtube video:

These are the top Youtube comments at the time I’m writing this.

Young people understand what BS is, and the traditional means of propaganda just don’t have any effect on them.

Trump, on the other hand, recognizes this. In response to Biden’s announcement of his run for presidency, he posted this tweet, questioning Sleepy Joe’s ability to even make it through the primaries:

Keep in mind that Sleepy Joe is the strongest Democrat candidate for 2020. I would argue, and most will agree, that all of the other Democrat presidential hopefuls except for perhaps Bernie Sanders really aren’t in the running at all.

Admittedly, Bernie does a better job at appealing to today’s people than Biden, but in all honesty, if the 2016 election is any indicator, I highly doubt that the Democrats will allow Bernie the chance to run against Trump.

Even if it did come down to a Bernie vs. Donald stand-off, Bernie’s policies are quite frankly un-American. While many young people do embrace socialist ideas under the influence of their Marxist college professors, the vast majority of Americans don’t want the foundation of our country tossed away. Bernie is too extreme.

Trump is a master at being just outrageous enough within the guard of the American people to be seen by most as bold, rather than as a lunatic. He calls things like he sees it, which is refreshing to see in a politician.

Americans want a strong leader that stands for American values, and Trump is just that. Bernie, in comparison, is running on the campaign to turn America into Europe.

Trump appeals to Gen Z-ers, who are the most important voters for presidential candidates to get on their side if they want to win in 2020.

American young adults between around 18-25 have watched as Baby Boomers destroyed their job opportunities and seen the folly of the millennial generation in their pursuit of “gender equality,” LGBTQ rights, and communism (while tweeting on their iPhones and sipping their Starbucks frappucinos.)

They’ve learned to laugh at the clown world they’re living in, and Trump has too.

Trump’s sense of humor is unparalleled by any other presidential candidate for 2020. This is what is respected by young voters, and Trump is winning them over.

For example, take this video Trump posted poking fun at Joe Biden’s recent #MeToo-esque scandal:

Not to mention his use of memes that work, unlike the left’s attempts to “appeal to meme culture,” which are just cringe-worthy.

And the fact that he totally embraced the “Pepe the Frog” meme back in 2016:

There’s no denying it. Democrats can’t compare to Trump’s style.

Sleepy Joe Biden is completely out of touch with modern times. “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren’s attempts to connect with younger people are just plain sad.

With their reigning control over media that they constantly use to spin narratives in favor of their party and their stronghold of influence in universities, Democrats may have brawns, but they don’t have brains. That is why Trump will outsmart them as he memes his way to victory in the 2020 bid for presidency.


The “Adam Ruins Everything” Adam recently made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience where he put his self-important hubris on full display.

Joe made a complete fool out of Adam in their debate about whether or not hormones should be injected into “transgender” children.

Adam desperately virtue-signaled throughout the argument (if you could even call it an argument) about the many, many transgender friends he has, and I wish I had a dollar for every time Adam used the “I’m not an expert, BUT…” trope.

Backpfeifengesicht: German for “a face that should be slapped”


Now, I don’t completely agree with Joe’s acknowledgement that transgenders are justified in acting like the opposite gender of which they were born with.

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and should be treated as such. I’ve never understood how the left comes to terms with both assertions that 1) Gender is a social construct and 2) People can be born feeling like the opposite gender and if this happens, they absolutely must be treated as such. If gender really is just a made-up thing in society, then why is it so important for transgenders to “live as their true gender?” You can’t have it both ways!

That being said, Joe does make a great case against injecting young children with life-altering hormones. Watch the clip here for yourself and see Adam get totally PWNED: